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Financial Professional

Kathryn will serve as an asset to our firm and will be responsible for enhancing her skills as a Financial Professional for our firm through our Fellowship Program and training platform, as well as, strategically leverage her existing relationships and obtain new introductions though a targeted new client acquisition action plan. Additionally, Kathryn will strive to serve as an advocate for our firm to expand our brand, our services, and our solutions to help ensure that our firm is the leading holistic wealth planners in our marketplace.

Kathryn is a young and driven individual who is intensely seeking to assist others in their financial success. Kathryn is a recent graduate from Liberty University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Financial Planning. Kathryn previously served as an Intern at Morgan Stanley and a Customer Service Representative at Susquehanna Bank.

Kathryn resides in Westminster, MD and enjoys playing the viola and piano, horseback riding, hiking, and photography.