The concept of teaming is nothing new. Sports teams have been around for over a century. Doctors frequently work in teams, as do attorneys. Teaming has also been implemented for decades in the Financial Services field, yet today it is revitalizing an aging industry faced with a more diverse, tech savvy generation of talent. Perhaps that is because teaming is also a proven way for experienced advisors to maximize opportunities and enhance their practices, and provide new advisors with a strong foundation to help them successfully break into a traditionally tough business.

You’d be surprised how quickly you’ll see the impact of teaming,” says AspireWealth’s Managing Partner, David LaBricciosa CPA. “Behavioral patterns will start to change first, leading to greater productivity levels. Team members begin to think more strategically and create dialogue about why success is happening. Those dialogues help create an environment for more entrepreneurial opportunities.

Our firm’s Managing Partner has a great deal of experience on the benefits teaming creates. David’s former agency had successfully implemented teaming, and he is sharing the same philosophies his previous teams possessed with the teams at AspireWealth Planners.

Teaming allows advisors to excel at any career stage. It helps identify with the unique abilities of each individual and better enables them to use those skills,” Davis explains. “When you’re a sole practitioner, your success actually prevents you from growing because you are too busy trying to manage everything. With teaming, you can focus on what you do best and leverage your time much more effectively.

~ Penn Mutual Leading Edge Magazine


Support at Every Level Contributes to Team Success

For senior partners, David LaBricciosa says, “If we can help them focus on their best relationships, help them service the other relationships within their company, we find that people are more balanced, have more opportunities to open new doors, and they get to vertically grow their practice by improving their average case size.”

In supporting junior partners through teaming, LaBricciosa notes, retention rates have vastly improved, as they feel more connected to the team. “They are more involved in the overall strategy for the vision that a team has, and they stay in the game a lot longer. Their productivity improves because they’re not just trying to build their own market but they are leveraging an existing client base that may have been underserved due to time constraints [on senior partners].” This in turn creates opportunity not only for the junior partners, but creates revenue opportunities for the team as a whole.

~ The Power of Teams by The Gama Foundation


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